The Zip Line

Perhaps you read about the couple who were on a zip line that failed recently. There was a high speed collision and one of them died. The cost to the company will be high, I am sure, to deal with it.

In Psalm 141 we find David pleading with God to put a "guard" over his mouth, a "watch" over the door of his lips. He understood the cost of not zipping his lips. 

James in the New Testament compares the tongue to a small fire starter that can cause a huge forest fire. With all the fires in the Western United States right now, many are started with just a spark from an untended campfire.

Just like a candy bar loaded with sugar that tastes so good, and is so bad for us, so is gossip and private information about someone else. Those juicy morsels about the failings of someone else, we just can't resist hearing and passing it on. It makes us feel better about our own weaknesses and failings. And smugly superior.

So make a healthy choice: Zip your lips! Do not pass along information that was shared with you in confidence. That uncontrolled Zip Line keeps going faster and faster downhill, and it will cause a tremendous collision and harm at some point. Your friendships will be ruined, and you will be shamed at the great damage. Do you realize that?