The Second Look

In our culture today of sexual suggestiveness, it is so easy to drop into an attitude of "why not"? We see pictures of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kate Upton, and the embers of the sexual fire are lit.

Because God made us to be sexual beings, we see beauty around us that stirs us. But while we cannot help but notice that beauty, we are not helpless to stop the Second Look, and the Third Look, and so on.

The suffering Job in chapter 31 makes a powerful statement: "I have made a covenant with my  eyes, that I might not gaze upon a virgin." He knew well the power of sexual desire, and he was determined to avoid the trap. I might add that earlier his wife had told him it would a good idea to just die and get it over with! 

Appropriate interactions in dress and communications for the Christ follower are so vital. Don't put yourself in a situation with a co worker or attractive friend where multiple Looks become easier all the time. Ask yourself: Am I encouraging sexual desire in something I say or do? Sexual desire unleashed is a tsunami that can't be just wished or washed away.

Make a covenant with your eyes like Job did! Examine yourself today, and run from the Second Look.