The Smell Test

I read yesterday about a Turkish televangelist who has "kittens" around himself in his travels. They are scantily clad females, and there was a picture of them. It was a disgusting example of a perverted gospel, which Peter warns about a long time ago in Scripture. The lusts of the flesh has invaded this televangelist's heart, and twisted his "ministry".

We had a family dog for many years. We loved him dearly. But exercise time was always a challenge, and it became "smell time". Everything was worthy of being smelled, and understood. I got more exercise pulling him along than the actual walk itself.

But we can  learn from dogs. The analogy applies to what we learn from our pastors on Sundays, and devotions during the week, in trying to become more like Christ. Do you check up on them, like the Bereans in the book of Acts?  Does Scripture line up with Scripture? Does the teacher "twist" it out of context, to fit his private interpretation? 

Don't give a free pass to everything that is taught you! Don't swallow spiritual food without knowing what you are eating first. Scripture tells us there will be false teachers who will deceive many, so that they can fill up their greed and sexual appetites. So learn to be wise in understanding the Bible. Read it yourself and study it. Then when the teacher speaks, your "alarm clock" will go off if he is teaching a perverted gospel. Don't be a "kitten" like the Turkish televangelist has, be a "Lion" who roars and can spot truth from error!