Bricks and Sticks

 When Job was suffering terribly with physical torment and emotional depression, his friends spent the majority of their time telling Job that he was suffering because he was harboring sin in his heart. Again and again, they felt the need to defend God, and attack Job for his stubborn refusal to repent. They were very poor listeners, and were determined to "fix" Job rather than just listen with compassion.

"The Church" which was set up by Jesus is often accused of the same today. Instead of listening to the complaints of those around us, we feel the need to defend God and throw "God talk" at those who are angry and in pain. "Why, if you would just have Jesus, your struggles would be so much better!"

To be clear, spending time with Jesus daily is vital. To become a Believer is a lifetime decision. To follow Him each day is the best choice we can ever make. But we do not need to defend His Honor, or engage in heated dialog which does nothing to engage the heart of the one who is confused or in pain. 

Can you be The Bricks and Sticks of His Church this week? You are His Church, and He wants you to be the listener, the person with the kind eyes, the feet that are quick to help. And if necessary use words.

Don't debate the Church. BE the Church this week!