The Shopping List

I certainly enjoy shopping for bargains at the grocery store. Sometimes early in the morning the meat department will need to reduce prices of meat with a due date approaching soon. Or the deli or other departments do the same. And I proudly announce the savings when I get home, much to the amused smiles of my family. I enjoy getting bargains.

But as Job found out in the book named after him, bargaining with God over our "right behavior" does not work. We can become enamored with our own goodness, and feel God owes us for all the good we have done. Certainly Job points out his acts of goodness to God. 

Yet when God shows up at the end of the book, Job has no choice but to zip his lips and say " I got nothing!" And he knows he is in the presence of unbelievable power and prostrates himself on the ground. All his bargaining disappeared in a flash.

Be careful, Christ follower. What has been your attitude toward God lately? Have you been using a shopping list? God is full of mercy and grace and love. He wants to hear and help you, because He is fiercely devoted to you. But don't bargain with Him over your right living, as a means to entice Him to bless you. He delights over your righteous deeds, truly. But not as a way to force Him into owing you.

Remember the lesson of Job. Come humbly before your Creator. Honor Him for what He has done for you. Petition for what you need in simplicity and truth. But lose the attitude that He owes you. Keep your bargaining for the grocery store, not the Almighty.