Jagged, Ragged Faith

In Psalm 147 it states that God binds up the wounds of the brokenhearted. That is a serious claim. Sometimes we can't even begin to understand how deep the wound is, or where it comes from. We just know we hurt.

On a very basic level, do you believe he WANTS to heal your brokenness? It is a huge question, because the character of God is at stake. If he can lie about this, then He cannot be trusted with other parts of life, either. Is God a liar?

This is not about the HOW of healing. It is about the truthfulness that He WANTS  to heal your broken spirit. Be careful now, because your head and heart may disagree on the answer to that. Trusting God with the darkest recesses of your soul is one of the biggest leaps of faith you can ever take. But He can't keep His word and bring healing, unless you of your free will give Him access to your torn, ragged edges of brokenness.

The Bible states it is impossible to please God without faith. Your head may be quick to say "YES!" to that. But your heart, your essence, your deep wounds may say " NOT so fast!". Are you willing to do that leap or faith today?