Core Issues

I read this week in a news article that scientists have made two amazing discoveries recently. First, they have found that there are diamonds buried in the core of the earth worth trillions of dollars. But because they are 200 miles down in the core below the surface, we don't have the technology to reach them.

Secondly, they also now realize that there are "springs of the deep" of water in the core of the Earth as well. This has to do with where water originates from. But the scientists are clueless how they operate.

The term "springs of the deep" caught my attention. Because in Genesis that phrase is used to describe how God covered the earth in water, during the time of Noah and the Flood. Yes, it did rain hard too. But water came up from the deep as well.

As a people, we can so much be like braying donkeys when we speak with arrogance over all we know, or even take for granted each day. God still controls the deep of the earth, it's core and the riches buried therein. God asked Job: "So where were you when I did all these things?"

Yet the Book of Proverbs states that deep respect and awe for the works of God are the beginning of wisdom. Can you join with me in praise of a God who is so worthy of it? Diamonds and the Deep in the Core belong to Him. By His mercy we exist today. That is praiseworthy!