Street Credibility

Yesterday in Chicago my boss asked me to give a presentation to a group of agents. It was extremely well received, and the boss pulled me into his office afterwards and offered effusive praise, telling me that I had "Street Credibility" which caused them to be highly interested. Afterwards several sought me out for private counsel, which I was honored to do. 

All this got me thinking about the Street Credibility we possess as Christ Followers. Our pastors teach us on Sundays from the Scriptures, but as my boss put it yesterday, they listened to me because I "spoke their language" of everyday shared struggle. Part of my talk was on "slowing down" and not trying to understand everything in a product during a presentation. Go with what you know, not tied in knots over what you don't.

That same principle applies to being a daily follower of Jesus. We get so fearful that we don't know enough about the Word, so that we don't speak at all. Slow down, friends. Remember that you have earned Street Credibility by your actions and character. You have earned the right to be heard by those around you, because your character has been on display.

As Peter put it, be ready to give a gentle answer for why you live for Jesus. Don't freeze because you don't know enough. Speak of what you know, of what Jesus has done in changing your life. Use your "street cred!"