When I sat down with several of the agents at the home office on Monday in Chicago, a common theme emerged:fear. They were afraid to work with a new product, because the home office had been determined to provide some many details that it overwhelmed them. Yet the product in its simple design really helps people!

In Jesus' day, the religious leaders of Israel had made a hash out of the man made rules to follow God. Jesus confronted this head on, and showed them that it was much more simple than they portrayed it to be: "Follow me!" And it really helped people to see how loving their God was.

I have the privilege of preaching at our church the next two Sundays. And I struggle with fear and uncertainty, because the Bible is so vast in it's scope and potential for teaching. But then I realize that He made me for these days, and has showed me what He wants, in Simple Faith when I stop and hold his Hand like a child.

We live in a culture of data and decisions based on multiple data input. It overwhelms us at times, and we freeze because of fear of making the wrong choice. Hear the words of Jesus: "I got you, trust Me. Don't let fear rule your heart. I will guide your steps today. Keep your mind focused on that trust." Simplicity is of great value, friends, when our core beliefs are where they need be.