It is late. The phone rings. Instinctively I know it is not good news. Shortly after that I know it is true: the sobs, the aching voice. This broken world has produced another crushed spirit. Proverbs 18:14 speaks to this fact.

Who can handle a crushed spirit? Do we go about acting like we have it all together in public? What do we do with the numbness, the "flat" spirit, the sense of futility in life?

Seek out a person of Character. Someone who has experienced life in all its nasty aspects, that run the gamut of emotions. That person who has seen pain and ache, and has persevered through it, with a firm commitment to Jesus. They don't hide the scars, nor do they call attention to them. This person simply has learned that Christ weeps with them, He comforts them with His Word, and uses other people as His agents to provide profound comfort..... sometimes actually using words to do so.

Don't run from your scars, they take time to heal. Our culture tells us to "buck up" when we hurt. But Pain is real, it is the body's way of telling us something is wrong. And that includes emotional pain. If the wound is deep enough a Christian counselor who understands our brain may be needed for processing the hurt. 

Are you "crushed in spirit" today? Don't isolate and stagnate. Get help for that spirit soon. Seek out help, from people of Character. Healing starts for you if you will.