In a Dry and Weary Land

When I was first married I wanted to be a caring husband to my wife so much. She worked late at her job, so one evening I made dinner, using a unique recipe. It was so bad that even the cat would not eat it! What a mess!

King Solomon knew about messes in the Old Testament too. He was a brilliant thinker who composed many of the writings of the Book of Proverbs. Compare and Contrast statement about rich and poor, righteous and evil, industrious and slothful. But in his later years he threw it all away in selfish living and the pursuit of pleasure at all costs.

The Book of Ecclesiastes is also written by Solomon. It is a bitter lament about the meaningless daily rituals of life, and how they amount to nothing and have no value. He is a Grumpy Old Man who has wasted his life on temporary pleasures. Until the very end, when he states clearly that the only good purpose on this earth is to serve God.

If you struggle with depression and anxiety routinely, you know that hopeless and helpless feeling, that life has no purpose, and life will end with nobody caring. But in the hands of God that is not true! He takes every deed that we give to Him: the daily struggle, the glass of water given to someone, the smile to the waitress that brings the food. IT MATTERS! Give yourself the truth in a dry and weary land! YOU MATTER!