But WHY????

There is a scene in the last Indiana Jones movie where the evil Russian scientist wants to "know everything" that the aliens know, and begs them to do it. Her head explodes as a result as she can't process everything.

The Book of Job in the Old Testament has a similar vein. Job by the Bible's own words is a righteous and good man, who follows God closely and loves him with all his heart.

Yet God allows Satan to torment him, first to take away all his possession, including his children, then to torment his body. And Job says "But Why??" His wife tells him to commit suicide and get it over with quickly.

His friends arrive and tell him his formula for following God is all wrong. Surely is he was truly righteous he would be blessed, so Job must be doing something wrong! And they throw words at him which do not help.

So do we have our formulas too? Do we say that AxB=C? So God owes me if I am good? And punishes me if I am bad, without exception?

God never answers Job directly as to the why??. In the end He simply says "Trust me" in the good and the bad, because I am in control, and I know what is best for you. And how we struggle with that, it blows our formulas to bits. And it forces us into the same choice Job faced: Do I trust God or not? 

This life is complex, and there are situations which we simply cannot apply formulas to. God tells us to be like Him and His son Jesus, who showed us how while on Earth 2000 years ago. In Heaven I look forward to asking a lot of questions, but even then I won't be able to process all that God is. And maybe I will have some coffee with Job and share notes. Will you join me for that coffee?