The Eye Test

It is so hard to see beyond the veil of today. We become so wrapped in health issues, job stresses, family dysfunction, bill payments and general daily life that we often miss the bigger issues. 

Did you know that outside the horizon of your eyes your name is spoken of in hallowed terms in Heaven? That as a Christ follower the unique identity that you are is revered in Eternity? He made you, uniquely, wonderfully, in the way that brought Him pleasure and joy. Before you were born He knew you. And loved you!

Oh, the crush of this life, the betrayals, the sniping comments made about you that can devastate your psyche. Your own sense of worthiness can easily spin out of control in a negative way. And in the spiritual world the Enemy Satan and his hordes do all they can to hasten those negative thoughts.

The Apostle Paul was allowed to be taken up into that glorious Heaven that awaits us. He saw inexpressible things, things can blew his mind. And that was in minimal exposure that he could not even talk about, except to say they happened to him.

So is this a "can't see the forest for the trees" day for you? If so, take heart! This painstaking, at times hopeless life is not all there is. God has plans for your life that are breathtaking if you allow them to happen in His timing. And then the blessing of an eternity with no pain, tears, or agony for your faithful service to Jesus. There is much more going on here than meets the eyes today, dear friends. Pass the Eye Test!