Dependance Day

Our nation celebrates its independence today. That is such a wonderful thing. We rightfully recall that many years ago we broke from King George III of Britain, and said we would go our own way.

My parents were son and daughter of immigrants who wanted more from life than Germany and Sweden offered them. So they came to Minnesota and North Dakota to set down roots. They would be amazed at all America offers today.

Yet in spite of our freedoms, there is a rawness to our American culture today. Something is missing, and we sense it. No matter how much we climb in society, how much "stuff" we collect, it is never enough. We blame our government, our politicians for weak leadership, but they are a reflection of ourselves. We just want MORE, and cannot figure out how to obtain that desire.

God has become an afterthought for many Americans, who view Him as irrelevant or unnecessary to our modern culture. That is until another 9/11 happens, and He is blamed or sought after.

"All day long" God told the nation of Israel he reached out His hands to hold them, but they refused to. He still does today, he is patient and "not willing that any should perish". But we still tell him to get lost.

Yesterday in an church meeting I witnessed the power of God, with men who were seeking Him earnestly. I can testify that He still moves with Power for those who desire Him greatly. There is no flab in His muscles.

So do you desire more of Him in your life today? Are you tired of just surviving? Then make today a Day of Dependence, where you seek him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Call upon Him while He is near, even with fumbling and stumbling words. It is ok to be dependent, not just independent.