During the time of Herod Antipas and Pontius PIlate, Caligula and Sejanus, of Tiberius Caesar, in the 1st century AD, The Roman Empire was ruled by corrupt men who lived for power and cruelty over others. Civil Wars and backstabbing were the preferred means of gaining personal influence. In Jerusalem the High Priest and the upper religious class were corrupt and in the pocket of their Roman masters. There was nowhere for the average citizen to get much justice. 

In the midst of this came Jesus, the promised Leader to the world. Only He did not act like the power figures around Him. He submitted to the authorities of His day, and let Jew and Roman alike beat and torment Him. In His own words He said that he could call down legion of angels and wipe out His enemies if He wanted to. Instead he willingly laid down His life as a sacrifice for many, including the evil rulers of His day, and He asked His Father to forgive them.

The Apostle Peter wrote the same thing about 30 years after Jesus ascended back to Heaven. Submit to every authority over you. Let your conduct silence those who hate you. Be different from those who advocate rebellion against the government.

Today's attitudes in government and those who are under authority concern me greatly. Positions for and against those in authority are hardening. It would not take much in his hostile environment to cause riots and physical violence. We are undermining the very foundations of what holds us together. We hate those who disagree with our political positions.

Christ follower, be different! Follow what Jesus and Peter taught us. Whatever your political feelings, submit to those in authority over you because we are taught to. Do your duty and vote for or against those who lead us, but help stop the chasm that is forming in our nation.

Submit to those who rule over you, because He said to. Disagree, yes.But honor the positions they hold. For His sake, please.