I never cease to be amazed when Jesus opens doors in my life to talk about Him. Yesterday an insurance customer who I have had for years suddenly asked me to explain the difference between Catholicism and Protestantism. Well, no problem, right? Only a divide over the last 500 years!

But I was able to turn the discussion into more of a personal one. I told him none of that matters, when we stand before God. He will have one question: Did you accept my Son as your substitute? And then what did you do for Him after that? He already knows the answer to that. But He will want to hear it from you.

My statement silenced the religious discussion, and turned it into a personal one. Now I don't know what choice my customer will make with what we spoke of, but he understands his choice.

1 Peter 3 speaks of this, that we should be ready to give a gentle response when asked about what we believe. And at surprising times, and sometimes with people who have observed you for years conduct yourself in a way that acknowledges Christ without words. "Why" or "What do you..." may be what they ask of you without preamble. 

When this occurs, don't freeze up. Remember that Paul taught that we have the mind of Christ in our personalities. Speak in everyday language, and tell them why Jesus means so much to you, what He has does in your life. Simple, graceful words. The Spirit does the work of conviction, not us. So be you, and let your light shine. People are watching you and wondering. You are an amazing creation whose Creator beams over you! Be ready for the "why" word.