Psalm 139 is one of the most beautiful writings in all the Scripture. God sees and know us, He creates us, and He wants us to know He cares deeply about us.

Yet we question that care in the suffering of this life. Where is He when you feel your soul has been ripped in two by the crushing weight of pain?

Job in Chapter 19 has watched his wife turn on him, his friends rip into him, his wealth disappear, and his body a wreck. He has lost it all, and his mind is questioning the goodness of his God. "Where are You?"

Yet he makes an amazing claim which has echoed down the corridors of history: that his Redeemer will stand upon the earth, and in Job's flesh he shall see God! Say what?? 

I have not known suffering in this life, as Job knew it. But I hold to that statement he made with both hands. That I will see that same Redeemer Job spoke of, and His smiling face will welcome me, either in my death or His return, as He promised. And He can't lie.

So if you are suffering and in pain this morning, grab onto the Truth to get you through the agony you feel. To redeem means to buy back, and your Redeemer lives. Wrongs will be made right, and your pain will be gone. Don't give up!