2 Peter is full of instruction about predators. These people love to teach half truths and distort teachings for greed. Psalm 14:1 states that the fool has said in his heart there is no God. 

I read yesterday about a woman who claims she channels archangels, who has over a million followers on social media. The news article was a glowing report of a day in her life. She appeals to the part of us that fights to "be like God". Ever since Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden, we have as a human race desired this to be true.

As Believers, we must stay rooted in the Scriptures. They teach us daily about how to live lives that keep our minds bound to Truth. Scripture says that "Your Word is Truth". The Spirit of God "quickens" our minds to show us what He wants us to remember or focus on during the readings. I find this to be true as I ask Him for what He wants me to say for this blog. My mind will be drawn to something He wants me to speak of. It must line up with other teachings in the Scripture, and not be torn out of context.

Friends, beware of the siren song of Predators! They claim great knowledge and secret ways of understanding. They can be mediums, false pastors, those who know how to lure the unstable, the disgruntled, those who see the church as "hypocrites".  They want your money and your allegiance. And to claim you as a follower. Seek the truth of the Spirit as He leads, don't be a gullible "fool" of Psalm 14.