Did you know that the people of Israel practiced child sacrifices to foreign gods to appease them? The image is graphic, of screaming children being burned alive by their parents. And then the parents would troop into the church on the Sabbath day, to make sure they were fulfilling their spiritual check list, and so the true God would not be mad at them. Appalling, right? Does it make your stomach churn inside? 

It sure made God's anger burn! In Jeremiah he thunders to stop it! That the practice of child sacrifice would never even enter His mind. But did the people stop it? Nope.

But wait for a moment: While we in righteous indignation point our fingers in disgust at such a horrible practice, what "practices" do we do that has God upset? You know, the routine sin or chronic behaviors we hope he does not see, or just winks at? That has  become such a part of our lifestyle that we do not even think about it anymore as being a big deal.

The people of Israel became so hardened to their practices that they no longer knew right from wrong. Even prophets like Jeremiah could not shake their sin harnesses. Has that sin in your life become the same for you? God will allow you to reap what you sow. And He will allow pain to get your attention, and try to get you to stop that behavior or thought process that is wrong.

So clean up, get up, and live uprightly as He desires. Go to Psalm 15 and see what that looks like, to those who would desire to please Him.

Practices matter!