Pain so deep

Where is God in the deepest days of pain? If you read Jeremiah 15:18 you get a sense of how deep pain can be. Not all of life is physical suffering. Emotional pain from life events can be just as devastating. Yet Christians can try to be overly spiritual in their understanding of pain. And by doing so, they are denying Jesus a chance to come and heal deep bruises of the mind.

Prayer and Bible Study are always helpful. They help the psyche understand that God is indeed with us, as Job did in his suffering. But in emotional pain we need to FEEL the comfort of Jesus. To know in a deeper sense His understanding and comfort in a way that only the soul understands. That the intellect cannot grasp. Because THAT is when we need Jesus the most, in the depths of hopelessness and despair.

The Gospels record the pain and agony of the Garden of Gethsemane that Jesus went through. Blood like sweat, tears, and agony of a soul being torn apart. Through His Spirit today, He comes to us and says: " I get you!" I KNOW how horrible that Depression and Anxiety feels!"

And at times like that all we can do is whisper "Yes Jesus". And that is enough. So do not play a superhero if this is you today. It is ok to be a superzero in His Care, when the pain is so deep.