Broken Jewelry

Proverbs 31:10-11 extols the virtues of an excellent wife, that she is more valuable than jewels, and that her husband values her highly. With my wife's recently being spared from serious harm in a car accident, I really can identify with those verses.

But what about those of you who hurt over a divorce today? Or are going through one at the moment? Those verses are like salt in an open wound. They mock you and say in effect, "You really are a screw up, then!" 

Please understand that God does not see you that way! He understands that in this fallen world, sin and deception can cause the institution of marriage to crumble. Even with both parties committed to Christ, the strains of a successful marriage can be difficult. And then the guilt and shame come rushing in like a flood, with Satan quick to accuse you on being an idiot or worse. Divorce does leave a dirty, festering wound.

But God is in the redemption business! He takes broken pieces of pottery and turns them into something new and beautiful. He knows you ache and cry and want to pull the blankets over your head at times. Divorce hurts!! But rather than isolate yourself, and become bitter at life, let Him take those shattered pieces of your life and restore you. Cry out to Him, and seek out trusted friends who will listen and not judge you. There is hope for the future! Broken jewelry can become beautiful again. The raw materials are still there to be made new. Choose to see this as He does.