Like most cars today, mine has an on board computer. When I go out to start the engine, the computer runs a diagnostic on all the parts of the vehicle. A few months back I was in a hurry, and did not really look at the car before I jumped in and wanted to get going. But the computer revealed that I had low tire pressure on a tire away from my view. I was not happy to see that I had a problem that needed fixed, but I was grateful that the tire wasn't going to be ruined by a nail, either.

I read Psalm 19 this morning, as part of my devotional time. It can be viewed as a "diagnostic" tool as well. Are we willing to spend time with God and let Him see if they is "low tire pressure" in our lives, which may cause us to "go flat" soon without getting help?

Have you appreciated the wonder of our Sun lately? The poetic language of Psalm 19 in regards to the sun is awesome. Have you pondered the wonders of His Creation for a while? How much did you contribute toward the making of Today?

Do you blunder into Mondays without first running a "diagnostic" on your heart? Would you consider reading Psalm 19 today and like verse 14, putting your words and thoughts before Him to be acceptable?

Don't skip your "diagnostic" with Jesus today!