The One and Only

There are times I have observed that when a celebrity on TV is about to be introduced, the host will say, " And now, the one and only.............!"

I read a news article recently that stated "leading scientists" doubt that Jesus was real. That claim has been going on for 2000 years since Jesus left the earth, promising to return. "Higher Criticism" from intellectuals has been dancing to that tune for a long time. 

2 John 7 clearly states that Jesus was a real flesh and blood human. He ate fish, after his resurrection from the grave. He plainly showed the scars from his feet and hands. He invited bodily touch. He even appeared to over 500 people at one time, per the Apostle Paul. 

But He was also God in the flesh. That is mind blowing and absolutely true. He was unique and powerful. Don't let others try to convince you otherwise. Mary was blown away when God informed her she was going to be the mother of Jesus. "but how?? I am a virgin!" God told her His power would make it happen, and it did. She walked by faith, and believed Him.

So Jesus is both fully God and fully human. That thought is so overpowering, and so incredibly beautiful. This is the God-man, who now waits to return and claim his adopted family to be with Him forever. He intercedes for us now before His Father, because He "gets us".

Leading scholars and scientists who doubt this will find out soon enough that this true. But you already know this, correct? He IS The One and Only.