Do you recall the line from the Wizard of Oz, where the witch looks at the mirror and says "Mirror, Mirror, who is the fairest of them all?"

Scripture has mirrors too. They reflect each other in the writings. You may be quite familiar with Psalm 23, but what about Psalm 22? In verses 1-18 they are amazingly accurate in the portrait of a crucifixion of a human body. Only crucifixion had not been invented yet by the Romans, as this Psalm is written hundreds of years before. Yet God knew the mirror of history, and Jesus knew this was going to happen to him.

And as the mirror of history shines forward, we see God still working on His Plan throughout time. He is still giving men and women the chance to accept his Plan to save the human race from itself, caused by our folly of rejecting Him. When all have had the chance to choose, Christ will return and take those who Believe to the Eternity He has promised.

The witch in the Wizard of Oz found out that she was not the "fairest of them all" in the movie, not even close. Jesus IS the "fairest", as the old hymn proclaims. And the mirror of history will prove His claims to be true. Be encouraged today, friends. Your work is not worthless or a purposeless vapor. Jesus knows your first name! You are among the "fairest" in the mirror of His eyes. The mirror says so!