A Tale of 2 D's

When the Apostle John wrote 3 John to his buddy Gaius in the late first century AD, he mentioned two men in the church that are going in different directions in their life: Diotrephes and Demetrius.

Keep in mind that Diotrephes was a church leader, yet he turned into a power and influence driven fool. He "loved to be first", and was kicking out visitors and those who wanted to invite new people to the church. And he was spreading vicious rumors about John.

Demetrius was just the opposite. He was a man who saw need, and responded well to hurting people. He was known for his hospitality and kindness.

Being in church leadership doesn't mean immunity from what everyone else deals with: sin and selfishness. But leaders are held to a higher standard, per the Apostle James.

What is your attitude toward those who visit your church? Are they a threat and a nuisance? Or does your heart leap for joy because of this God ordained moment of introduction?

There is a moment in Lord of the Rings, when in discussing whether or not Frodo is still alive, Aragorn looks at Gandalf and says: "What does  your heart say?"

Is your heart like Diotrephes or Demetrius toward those who visit your church? And those who cross your path today? Is your heart alive?