An Enlarged Heart

As I understand it, to have a physically enlarged heart is not good for our health. It is not good have an emotionally and spiritually enlarged "Heart" either. Psalm 26:16-18 pictures a person in such a condition. He is overwhelmed, lonely, and his troubles threaten to crush his spirit. His "heart" is greatly enlarged. David knows he is in deep trouble. Something has to be done quickly.

What does he do? He cries out to God first to forgive his sins, to purify himself, and then he can ask God for deliverance from his troubles. He has his priorities straight. I can relate to these verses, can you? In the midst of our muddy and distressful lives, we want God to deal with our hurts and stressors right now. He wants to wash off your mud (sin), first.

Not in a ritual or long winded way. Just an honest confession that you are a sinner saved only by his grace, and ask Him to clean you up. Remember that God is for you, and not against you. Watching us suffer brings Him no pleasure. He wants to help. Crying out to your Poppa is always in season. But as David did, clean off the "mud" first. Priorities matter!