The Price of Integrity

Jeremiah was known as the "weeping prophet" for good reason. For all of his adult life he had been proclaiming the message that Judah was facing the Lord's judgement for rejecting Him and living immoral lives. They sacrificed their children in fire to false gods, which infuriated God.

As a reward, he is imprisoned and put in stocks. And the story does not end well for him. He is forced after the exile by the remnants who remain, to go to Egypt, where they intend to worship the "Queen of Heaven". He predicts it will end badly for them, but we don't know the end of his story.

David is Psalm 26 asks God to remember him and help him in being a Man of Integrity. He promises to praise God in helping him do so. So we have two men full of honor and integrity. One gets little honor in this life and the other gets to be King of Israel. Sound fair to you?

Paul reminds us that if we live only for this life as Christians, we are most to be pitied. So why not just eat, drink, and party? But then we have the words of Jesus, who says that even a drink of cool water given in His name will certainly receive reward in the coming Life.

Following Christ in this life may bring physical reward, or not. That is why those who hold to a prosperity gospel can be sorely disappointed. But should we just toss Integrity over the side? NO!

Jesus will never forget every act of kindness you do for others, every time you behave in a God honoring manner. We serve a Risen Christ who watches and approves of the we give ourselves away. So stay the course! Be willing to pay the price of Integrity.