Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 9:22 that he tried to be "all things to all people, that he might win some". Over the past several years I have met many agents and managers in my job at Mutual of Omaha, and I try to find common ground with them as much as possible.

I try to to gently develop trust, so that if the conversations over time turn to serious matters, I can listen and speak of what matters in my life. That being a student of Jesus is what I aspire to be daily, even when I fail. Not as a flaming evangelist, but as an average guy who has found Truth in the teachings of Jesus. And as I wait, inevitably He raises up small windows of time to share what I believe. Not with sword in hand, but a gentle word of what I hold dear.

So many have passed through my life in the business and are now gone from my sight. But I will always remember those "windows" that God gave me. What they do with it is not always known, but my heart rejoices that I met them on their turf and was faithful to The Cause.  Remember that verse, friends. Be open to "Windows"!