The Value of your Name

When I was born my German grandfather wanted to put a rich German heritage with my surname: Gerhardt Adolph. My father was not about to have that hung on me, so they settled for Gary Allen. For which I am grateful!

Psalm 9:10 addresses the same issue, that value of the Name:It states that those who know the name of God put their trust in Him, for He does not forsake those who seek Him. His name is trustworthy, and worthy of respect and honor. What He says, He does.

It is my hope that most of the people I know hold my name in respect, and know that I care about them. When I die, they will say my name in joy and reflect fondly of what I tried to do, Honor His Name with my name.

Matthew 5:16 states that we should let our light so shine, that men see our good works and glorify our Father who is in heaven. And our good works will have our names associated with it. So remember the power of your Name today, and what is associated with it. 

As I heard it said in the South growing up, when a man was asked why followed his leader: "Because what he say he do..... He do!!  Value your Name!