What are you afraid of this morning? Loss of job, not enough to eat? Dying? Not enough money to pay the bills? What else could you add to this list? Bad boss? Health issues?

So with these types of issues, how does Jesus tell us not to be anxious? Why does Paul repeat it in his writings? 

When the cares of this life crowd out the presence of the Spirit, anxiety is a natural consequence. When we come to believe that He is not enough for today, then we live our lives that reflect fear and lack of trust.

Psalm 36 speaks of those who have no fear (deep respect) for God. They have no use for Him and spend their lives conniving and scheming to get ahead. "Protect yourself at all costs" is their motto. Other people made in God's image are to used and tossed aside. Use others before they use you.

But we as Jesus' students are shown a whole new way!  We need not fear this life and its drama! Seek first the Kingdom and "all these things shall be added unto you."

I'm in process trying to live this way today. I learned self-protection very young in my life. And also fear of the unknown.  So I am learning each day now to "cast my cares upon Him, because He cares for me". I would ask you to walk this path with me of faith, not fear, today.