"Be" and "Do"

My bosses in my job always expect a certain amount of “doing” from me each month. Production quotas, benchmarks, that type of thinking. They always desire “just a little bit more”. It is easy to translate that same thinking onto God. That He is not pleased with us unless we are “doing” something for Him.

But “being” with Him is the first priority. He wants more than anything just to spend time with you today. Way back in Genesis Adam and Eve were “doing: things in the Garden. But in the cool of the evening God would walk in the Garden with them, before they decided they knew better and the Fall of Paradise happened. Can you imagine just how magnificent their evenings were with God? Their hearts must have thrilled with His approach! “He’s here!!”

Is your soul soft this morning? Can you be still long enough to have a “He’s here!” time as you read His Scriptures and be still in His Presence? As the Psalmist stated, “Be still and know I am God”.

Yes, we are called to “do” today, to rule and submit the earth, even in a small way. He is a God of Order. But it starts with “be”. Be like the little child who sees his daddy come in the door today. “He’s here!”