I read a caption of a news article yesterday, wondering if artificial intelligence will allow us to live forever. Who would want to have eternity in the broken world we live in now? Endless killing and bad actions being repeated over and over? It sounds like an old episode of Star Trek where Kirk realizes that he and the Romulans are being controlled by an entity which enjoyed killing and violence, being repeated over and over for all time.

Psalm 39 speaks of our life as a “shadow” in length. That what we achieve in this life does not matter anyway. That holding onto this life alone is so misguided.

Oh, we are going to live forever all right! We were designed that way. The question is whether or not we will spend it with God or apart from Him. And no amount of “artificial intelligence” will make the least bit of difference. There is nothing artificial about God. He is the Great I AM, and Jesus is very real today in this world, building his Kingdom in the hearts of those who believe.

Put your hope in Him, not computers and artificial intelligence. Forever is not an option, it is the Truth we face.