"Where are you?"

All of us who follow Jesus have the “where are you” moments when life is chaotic and He does not seem anywhere around. His disciples thought they were going to drown with Him in the boat! Mary and Martha couldn’t believe Jesus would not show up for their brother Lazarus. “Hey, Jesus, where are you??”

Our emotional and physical storms threaten to overwhelm us at times, and we ask the same question. In Psalm 43 the writer is about to explode in anguish. Yet in the end he chooses to trust in God, to put his hope in Him, even when he cannot see past the edge of his nose at the moment. He needs God’s lantern to light his steps.

That is what I choose to do today. To “put my hope in God”, even when I have no more than a tiny seed of faith because of the lighting and thunder around me. God’s heart is tender toward those who do so. My hope is in Him, period.