In my early years of employment where we now live, I reported directly to the CEO of the company. He was a powerful man who did not suffer fools. I made it a point to be always prepared and have an answer for any questions he might have. But I would never have to thought to question his running of the company or accuse him of messing up my budget for the department. I would have been unemployed quickly.

But if you take a look at Psalm 44, that is exactly what the writer is saying to God! You are asleep God! Wake up and help us, will ya? There is a memorable line in Star Trek 5 where the crew has found an entity who claims to be all knowing. When Kirk questions the entity, McCoy looks at Kirk in astonishment and says: “Jim, you don’t ask the Almighty for his ID”! But that is exactly what the Psalm writer is doing here. “Where are you? Why don’t you get down here and do something like you use to? Are you asleep?” What audacity!!

So why doesn’t God zap him or why allow this kind of talk in His Scriptures? First, because He is very secure in who He is, and is not threatened by it. Second, He knows we are dust, and in our frailty we must vent our emotions. But mostly, He is just crazy about His Creation, and will take any kind of talk directed at Him, even in anger or frustration. At least it is communication, because He does not consume us in anger. Like my CEO would have done to me.

Can we take a moment and see what kind of Crazy Love He has for us? That drove the nails into Jesus willingly. In Him we are not “fired” for our screw ups. Instead we are “hired” to show others the Crazy Love of God. Incredible!