Family Matters

There are two recordings in Mark 3 where the “Friends and Family” plan for Jesus was going to take place. They thought he was getting too big for his britches and were attempting to “rescue” Him. Even Jesus’ sisters show up along with brothers and mother, to set Him straight. We know from other Scripture that His brothers did not believe in Him, at least until the Resurrection. “Knock it off, brother, you are embarrassing us!”

So Jesus “gets” rejection from friends and family members, who think you are nuts to follow Him. You are His current day “brothers and sisters” He spoke of a the end of chapter 3. Jesus’ own family came “to take charge of him”. The irony that God needs protection! But if you are a dedicated Christ student, your friends and family may try to “take charge of” your thinking about Him as well.

Don’t let that happen! Jesus is worth any sacrifice you make to put Him first!