We are surrounded by information and technology. At any corner of the globe we can find out what is happening nearly as it happens. And the news is usually something bad happening to humans or animals or the planet. It has the ability to overwhelm the soul.

Psalm 46 is all about our reactions to what we see around us. God is present in the strife. He has the Last Word. He tells us to be still and know He is near. Nothing surprises Him, He is allowing men and women to pursue their vanities here on the earth. Until He says, “enough”!

i have decided this week to shut out some of the noise of life. I have made a pact with my eyes to avoid seeing the news on the Internet or TV for a season. I have become too concerned with the machinations of men and women as they jockey for power and influence. It has helped me greatly to let go of that, to see Who is really in charge of the Earth.

My hope is in God, and I know that every knee will bow before Him as Truth. And I will be still, and know He is God, not powerful men and women in governments. Would you consider reading Psalm 46 today?