Private Matters

As I was riding the train to see my sister in Louisiana last week, at one point I happened to having breakfast in the dining car. Sitting across from me was a gabby woman who was determined to share her private information with a total stranger. I was appalled at some of the inappropriate stuff she stated about how much she makes in salary, her benefits, and a host of other stuff that should never be brought into public discourse. The poor woman simply had no filter on her mouth. I wondered how she could be so impossibly naive.

Friends, in this day and age we must be very careful about what is shared with casual acquaintances, or those who have yet to  built trust in our lives. Use care concerning what about yourself and your family you wish virtual strangers to know. Whether it is social media or a dining car, exhibit self control. 

But when it comes to daily talk with Jesus, open the faucets! He already knows what you have done, but he delights at the sound of your voice. Communication is so important to Him. Psalm 32 speaks of the joys of confession, when David found that hiding his sin brought only a heavy weight and misery to his soul. And how his spirit lightened afterwards.

Confession does not mean a perfect day awaits us. It does mean He promises to guide our steps from unnecessary things, like sharing private matters with strangers on a train. Or social media.