Psalm 34 states that many are the afflictions of the righteous, but that God delivers them from the affliction. It also speaks of crushed spirits in our lives. Following Jesus does not mean carefree living. Far from it. We are "afflicted" like everyone else in this life. But we have power inside us to help us cope successfully in the daily work we face.

When we are "crushed in spirit" we really show what we believe in at our core. And like Job centuries ago, we face a choice: Bless or Curse God?

I have found that there is nothing in this life that is better than His Presence when I hurt deeply. I cry out in misery, and I sense Someone near, in ways that are difficult to put in words. Let the skeptics scoff as they wish, I know the Truth, He is near when I invite Him in.

It does not make the misery vanish, but He gives me the strength to cope. Scripture says taste and see that the Lord is good. Don't suffer alone!