Pursue His Counsel!

Jesus, the child of Christmas is called, “Counselor”. The life-changing question is, “Are you willing to receive and pursue His counsel, His wisdom, during the greatest times to the darkest times in your life?” Here are three ways we can receive and pursue His wisdom! This is Pastor David Gruber’s Christmas series, “Receive the Gift”, and the message is, “Pursue His Counsel!”

Imagine the Wonder!

How willing are you to experience the “wonders” of God? It’s the heart of the Christmas story, and Jesus was described as wonderful! His wonder is available in a life-changing way! This is part one of Pastor David Gruber’s series, “Receive the Gift!” The beginning of the sermon is the audio from a Youtube-available song by the Singing Contractors. Enjoy!

Where are You, God

During those times in life when we think, “Hey, God, where are you; why aren’t you listening” we can find comfort and guidance in three lessons found in the life of a man named Habakkuk. This is Pastor David Gruber’s series on the Minor Prophets, “He Still Speaks”, and this message is, “Where are You, God?”

The Final Word

In our comfort-conscience, “don’t offend me” society God is often painted as a warm & fuzzy grandpa in the sky.  Instead, God is just, God is loving; God is merciful, God is kind, God is ALWAYS fair in His judgments, God has a limit to His patience and yes… sometimes…God gets angry. And that’s the topic for this message in Pastor David Gruber’s series, “He Still Speaks!” It’s called, “The Final Word.”

Salt and Light

God tells his followers to be salt and light in their society. How can we make sure to remain effective and not lose that impact, especially in these politically-charged times? This is Pastor David Gruber’s series on the Minor Prophets and it’s called, “He Still Speaks!” This message is entitled, “Salt and Light”.

Dear Mom and Dad

God tells us to honor our mother and father. For some, that’s very easy while for others it’s very difficult. Yet God gave this command knowing that it IS possible, and He will bless us for doing so. This is Pastor David Gruber’s message which he shared one week after his own father passed away, sharing the personal story of God’s relational redemption with his dad after experiencing major relational fractures; also Diane Gruber shared her moving words of how God healed her heart, as well.