Love One Another

There is one, genuine test of Christ-centered discipleship:  Do we love one another?  According to Jesus, it's truly that simple.  Here are the how-to's of that kind of authentic "walking as Jesus walked" lifestyle.  This is Pastor David Gruber's concluding message, "Love One Another", in his series, "Not Complicate!"

Honor One Another

Honor one another; Important, vital words which are sometimes read in the bible, and then skipped over without much thought.  But we dare not miss their life-building power to help us walk as Jesus walked, and to guide us during difficult times in relationships.  This is part 3 of Pastor David Gruber's teaching series, "Not Complicated!"

Keep the Lights On

God's Word says we are to walk as children of light, because HE is light.  How can we learn to say NO to the darkness which tries to overcome our souls?  Here are practical insights from Pastor David Gruber as he wraps up the teaching series, "Made for Something More," a parallel study to materials by LIfeWay Publishing.

Travel Instructions

Christ's followers have been given instructions to live by while they're on the journey through this life.  One day we will see Him, but what does He expect of us in light of that eventual meeting?  This is Pastor David Gruber, and the message is a parallel study to materials by LifeWay Publishers. 


Christ's followers are called "a holy priesthood" in God's Word.  What does that mean, and what are the expectations God has of us as we represent Him to others?  This is from the series, "Made for Something More," (parallel to materials by LifeWay Publications), and it's Pastor David Gruber's sermon entitled, "Represent!"

Full-Time Impact

For followers of Jesus, some are called to be pastors, but ALL are called to be ministers!  How does that practically translate into making a full-time impact for Christ?  Pastor David Gruber continues this series, "Made for Something More" with an original message which parallels materials adapted from LifeWay Publishing.  This is entitled, "Full-Time Impact!"

Genuine Royalty

God's Word tells Christ's followers that they may live as royalty! Seriously? Yes! We'll discover what that means and how to make it a life-changing, positive reality in your life!  This is Pastor David Gruber's companion sermon series to materials provided by Lifeway Publishing,  "Made for Something More!'

Infinite Value

It's true... you are a person of great value! But so many of us have a difficult time really believing or living like that is true.  Learn from God's Word what it means to live with the strength & confidence that comes from knowing you have "Infinite Value!"  Series:  "Made for Something More", part 1.

Jesus Provides

And God will supply all your needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus.  This is truth from God's Word!  But how do we place ourselves in a position before God to actually experience those genuine, tangible times of His provisions in our lives?  This is Pastor David Gruber's concluding message in a series called, "Jesus Changes Everything!"  It's adapted from materials by Lifeway Publishing.

Jesus Heals

Divine's a topic which prompts many reactions.  Does Jesus still heal people today?  Explore this subject in a very practical and bible-centered way with Pastor David Gruber in this message from the series, "Jesus Changes Everything!" (adapted from materials from Lifeway Publishing).

Jesus Redeems

No part of our life, regardless of how lost or hopeless we think it might be, is beyond the ability of Jesus to heal, redeem, and set free!  This is Pastor David Gruber's message, "Jesus Redeems", and it's part of a series of sermons based on Lifeway Publisher's "Jesus Changes Everything!"

Jesus Rules

Those who believe and follow Christ will often say that they know He is in control, but when life's circumstances become a storm of problems, do we really believe He's in charge?  This is Pastor David Gruber's message entitled, "Jesus Rules!"  It's from a series called, "Jesus Changes Everything", based on materials from Lifeway Publishing.

Jesus Teaches

The Lord Jesus wants to teach us how to make life work on HIS terms, and He desires to mentor us as His students. The question is...are we teachable?  Join Pastor David Gruber for this message and learn how to be that kind of teachable student!  This is part 3 of "Jesus Changes Everything" (based on materials from Lifeway Publishing), and it's entitled, "Jesus Teaches!"

Jesus Calls

Jesus called men and women to follow Him!  He still does so today.  How does that happen, and how can you recognize it?  This is part one of Pastor David Gruber's series, "Jesus Changes Everything", based upon materials by Lifeway Publishing.  It's entitled, "Jesus Calls."

Finding Strength to Stay Faithful

As we ramp up to our new teaching series (based on Lifeway Publlishing material) entitled, "Jesus Changes Everything!", Pastor David Gruber encourages us through God's Words with the truth that Jesus can and WILL give us the strength to walk through this life, even when challenges try to overwhelm us!  "Finding Strength to Stay Faithful" is the name of this message.