Not many like working for a “boss” who barks orders and expects the impossible. Grumbling and dissatisfaction usual are the results. But the church often has the same problem, which is why so few often do the work of so many. How do Christ-followers make sure that doesn’t happen, while ALSO making it possible to experience genuine, loving relationships and community along the way? God’s Word shows us the answers! This is from Pastor David Gruber’s series, “Experience True Community!”

"Passionate Faith!"

Do you have emotional faith or passionate faith? There’s a big difference! And knowing or not knowing that difference plays a big part in experiencing true community with other followers of Christ, or mistakenly deciding to be a loner and trying the journey of faith by yourself…which doesn’t work. This is from Pastor David Gruber’s series, “Experiencing True Community!”

"The Debt of Love!"

There’s one quality which demonstrates true, Christ-like community more than any other quality… love. And while Christians… and churches… can think they are being very loving, it’s the one characteristic which can be wildly overestimated, so much that we sometimes unintentionally communicate: “You don’t belong here.” How can we remain aware of this blind spot, and prevent it in our lives, and in the life of the church? Pastor David Gruber’s message, “The Debt of Love”, helps us discover those answers.

Life-Giving Connections

God never designed life to be lived in isolation away from others who can encourage us, guide us, challenge us… He designed us to live in “community” with one another. But that word has been so infused with incorrect meaning that many Christ-followers miss one of His greatest gifts to us: Life-Giving Connections. That’s the name of this first message in Pastor David Gruber’s series, “Experience True Community!”

Vision 2019: This is a Football!

Why did Vince Lombardi tell his Green Bay Packers the obvious? Because they were not practicing the fundamental principles for playing football. Join us as Pastor David Gruber reminds the congregation about the vital fundamentals which the bible clearly teaches about growing a church! Also shared are the plans for moving forward into 2019, getting back to the basics for WhiteRose.

Pursue His Counsel!

Jesus, the child of Christmas is called, “Counselor”. The life-changing question is, “Are you willing to receive and pursue His counsel, His wisdom, during the greatest times to the darkest times in your life?” Here are three ways we can receive and pursue His wisdom! This is Pastor David Gruber’s Christmas series, “Receive the Gift”, and the message is, “Pursue His Counsel!”

Imagine the Wonder!

How willing are you to experience the “wonders” of God? It’s the heart of the Christmas story, and Jesus was described as wonderful! His wonder is available in a life-changing way! This is part one of Pastor David Gruber’s series, “Receive the Gift!” The beginning of the sermon is the audio from a Youtube-available song by the Singing Contractors. Enjoy!

Where are You, God

During those times in life when we think, “Hey, God, where are you; why aren’t you listening” we can find comfort and guidance in three lessons found in the life of a man named Habakkuk. This is Pastor David Gruber’s series on the Minor Prophets, “He Still Speaks”, and this message is, “Where are You, God?”