Salt and Light

God tells his followers to be salt and light in their society. How can we make sure to remain effective and not lose that impact, especially in these politically-charged times? This is Pastor David Gruber’s series on the Minor Prophets and it’s called, “He Still Speaks!” This message is entitled, “Salt and Light”.

Where are You, God

During those times in life when we think, “Hey, God, where are you; why aren’t you listening” we can find comfort and guidance in three lessons found in the life of a man named Habakkuk. This is Pastor David Gruber’s series on the Minor Prophets, “He Still Speaks”, and this message is, “Where are You, God?”

The Final Word

In our comfort-conscience, “don’t offend me” society God is often painted as a warm & fuzzy grandpa in the sky.  Instead, God is just, God is loving; God is merciful, God is kind, God is ALWAYS fair in His judgments, God has a limit to His patience and yes… sometimes…God gets angry. And that’s the topic for this message in Pastor David Gruber’s series, “He Still Speaks!” It’s called, “The Final Word.”

I Demand Justice

The idea of social justice is not new… as a matter of fact, God directly spoke through a man named Amos about the lack of justice happening among God’s people in Israel. But it wasn’t what they expected! Pastor David Gruber continues, “He Still Speaks”, with a timely message called, “I Demand Justice!”

Love One Another

There is one, genuine test of Christ-centered discipleship:  Do we love one another?  According to Jesus, it's truly that simple.  Here are the how-to's of that kind of authentic "walking as Jesus walked" lifestyle.  This is Pastor David Gruber's concluding message, "Love One Another", in his series, "Not Complicate!"

Honor One Another

Honor one another; Important, vital words which are sometimes read in the bible, and then skipped over without much thought.  But we dare not miss their life-building power to help us walk as Jesus walked, and to guide us during difficult times in relationships.  This is part 3 of Pastor David Gruber's teaching series, "Not Complicated!"

Keep the Lights On

God's Word says we are to walk as children of light, because HE is light.  How can we learn to say NO to the darkness which tries to overcome our souls?  Here are practical insights from Pastor David Gruber as he wraps up the teaching series, "Made for Something More," a parallel study to materials by LIfeWay Publishing.

Travel Instructions

Christ's followers have been given instructions to live by while they're on the journey through this life.  One day we will see Him, but what does He expect of us in light of that eventual meeting?  This is Pastor David Gruber, and the message is a parallel study to materials by LifeWay Publishers. 


Christ's followers are called "a holy priesthood" in God's Word.  What does that mean, and what are the expectations God has of us as we represent Him to others?  This is from the series, "Made for Something More," (parallel to materials by LifeWay Publications), and it's Pastor David Gruber's sermon entitled, "Represent!"