9:30 am - Foundations classes (CURRENTLY ON SUMMER BREAK SCHEDULE)

10:30 AM - worship service

505 S Main street, bellevue, illinois, 61604



WhiteRose is a comfortable setting where the attire you wear is not the point. A deepening relationship with God and within community is the point, and we want to make your visit with us a positive, encouraging experience.  Casual clothing is very much the normal attire for the WhiteRose congregation!

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You'll find coffee and refreshments available in the Welcome Center adjacent to the sanctuary. The messages are bible-based, and highly applicable to everyday life, always with the purpose of showing us how God desires to point us toward experiencing Him in very real ways.  The service begins at 10:30 AM and concludes at 11:45 AM.


Infants and toddlers

10:30 am

At WhiteRose, we believe children are a precious gift from God. WhiteRose is delighted to provide parents with a quality, well-staffed nursery for your infants and toddlers up through age 3.  The nursery is provided for your convenience and is available for all those who are attending our Sunday morning services.



9:30 am
3 separate study tracks
kids age 4-11 / middle-school / High-school / adults

The Bible teaches that to become a genuine disciple of Jesus Christ, three important areas of our lives must be positively changed for God: our minds, our hearts, and our lifestyles.  As these Christ-like changes occur we learn to walk as Jesus walked, making an eternal difference for Him!
WhiteRose is dedicated to helping you become that whole-hearted disciple.  These areas form the foundation of our walk with God.

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